Library Staff

Northern Saguache County Library District Staff

Visitor Experience Attendant, Audrey McDowall

You can call me: Audrey
Where are you coming to the library district from? Crestone- I was a teacher at the Crestone Charter School for 5 years.
What’s your role with the library district? Where are we most likely to see you and what will you be doing? My role is to assist patrons at the circulation desk, help with technology questions, and whatever else I can do to help your visit go smoothly.
Favorite thing to do in the valley/area? The Greenhouse at Hooper Pool
Book or movie recommendation? The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden
Favorite literary genre? Fantasy
Fun fact about you? I’m a fantasy author – with two books available at the Baca Grande library! They are The Lantern-Lit City and The Fading Glow, under my pen name Vista McDowall.
Last book read? Wildwood Dancing by Juliet Marillier
What is your favorite childhood book? Redwall by Brian Jacques
What’s your favorite hobby (other than reading)? Sewing – I design and sew clothes and costumes.
What’s your favorite place to eat in the Valley? The Village Pub in Saguache

Technical Services Guru, Eden Elderberry

You can call me: I go by Eden, but I’ve been called AJ, Mom, Babe, Momma, sister and yo…just please don’t call me sweetheart. 
Where are you coming to the library district from? I just moved into the area from near Dayton, Ohio. I was the director of an artist co-op called the Center for Universal Artisans and Humanities.
What’s your role with the library district? Where are we most likely to see you and what will you be doing?   I am the Technical Services Guru, and I’m still discovering what that means, exactly! You will find me at the Saguache and Baca Grande branches helping patrons, promoting library events and services and organizing artists for the rotating show that will be beginning at the Baca Grande branch in September. 
Favorite thing to do in the valley/area? I love hiking and discovering new places here in Colorado. My family and I also enjoy setting up at the local markets, meeting new people and learning about the area. I am excited to begin gardening next spring in this beautiful and interesting climate. I also hope to find a place to set up my art studio. 
Book or movie recommendation? 
I don’t have a book recommendation, but I love anything written by Kurt Vonnegut or Chuck Palahniuk and my movie recommendation would probably be Fight Club. 
Favorite literary genre? I typically read non-fiction books.
Fun fact about you? I’m studying to be a meditation teacher and my plan is to go to prisons and teach people to meditate. 
Last book read? This isn’t very romantic but it was The Fifty Dollar and Up Underground House Book by Mike Ohler. 
What’s your sign and do you fit the stereotype? Taurus and yes, I love food and am secretly lazy. 
Do you love Woody Harrelson movies? Sure!

District Manager, Matt Pettigrew

Where are you coming to the library district from? I got my start working in libraries in St. Petersburg, Florida where I worked as a Library Assistant. Then, I moved to Portland, Oregon and worked at Multnomah County Library. During my 7 years working for the library in Portland, my roles included working as a Page, Clerk, and Library Assistant. After leaving Portland, I worked as a Library Assistant at a public library outside of Asheville, North Carolina. Upon leaving North Carolina, I landed in Crestone for about a year and eventually started working part-time at the Baca Grande Library in Crestone where I helped with the renovation of that location. I briefly moved up to Buena Vista to work at the Buena Vista Public Library before returning to a full-time position with the Northern Saguache County Library District.
What’s your role with the library district? Where are we most likely to see you and what will you be doing? My official title is District Manager, however I can see myself wearing many hats and contributing in the following ways: managing staff, customer service, materials processing, purchasing, programming. You are most likely to see me working at either the Crestone or Saguache branch, unless there is good food or live music involved. In that case, I’ll be there.
Favorite thing to do in the valley/area? Exploring all the beautiful areas that we are so blessed with here.
Book or movie recommendation? Book: Love and Other Pranks by Tony Vigorito
Favorite literary genre? Non-fiction
Fun fact about you? I once went skydiving in New Zealand.
Last book read? Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art

Creative Programming Magician, Tahrea Millberry

You can call me: Tahrea (pronounced Tuh-RAY-uh) or Red
Where are you coming to the library district from? Salida Montessori Charter School
What’s your role with the library district? Where are we most likely to see you and what will you be doing? 
Programming and Outreach. I will be out in the county, meeting people, finding out what the community wants from their library. I will be bringing exciting new activities and learning opportunities to the people of the valley.
Favorite thing to do in the valley/area?
Explore with my daughters. We love the parks and hiking in the open wilderness.
Book or movie recommendation? 
Everything written by Tamora Pierce, particularly the Song of the Lioness Series
Favorite literary genre?
Fantasy Fiction and Sci-Fi
Fun fact about you? 
I am a twin, and my partner is also a twin.
Last book read? 
Recently I have been rereading Tamora Pierce’s Circle of Magic Series
What education and experience do you have?
I have a BA in English Literature and have been volunteering in libraries since I was 10 years old. I have always found the intersection of life in libraries to be fascinating and educational.
How long have you lived in the area?
I live in Salida, and have been there for just over 4 years. I moved there from Oklahoma, and I am originally from California.
What excites you about your new position?
I am extremely excited to meet the people in the area, get to know them and what they would like to see added to their community. I look forward to discovering exactly what this area needs, and designing programs through the library that will meet those needs.