Library Board of Trustees

The Northern Saguache County Library District was created by a vote of the citizens in November 2010.  It is made up of the Saguache Public Library, which was administered by Saguache County before the vote, and the Baca Grande Library, which was a private library owned by the Baca Grande Property Owners Association.

The district has a five-person board of trustees that is appointed by the Saguache County Commissioners.  Two members come from the Crestone-Baca community and two from the Saguache community.  The fifth slot can be filled by anyone who lives within the district’s boundaries.

Board members for 2017  

    • Debbie Westra, Chair (at-large member (Villa Grove))
    • Michael Pacheco, Vice-Chair (Crestone-Baca Grande)
    • Kathy Geddes, Secretary (Saguache)
    • Amy Garoutte, Treasurer (Saguache)
    • Megan Riley (Crestone-Baca Grande)

The board focuses on policy issues.  Day-to-day management of the district is the responsibility of the district director, Sarah Koehn Frey, who was hired by the board in mid-2011.

Regular board meetings are normally scheduled for the second Monday of each month at 4:45 PM; the location alternates between the two branch libraries.

Agendas & Minutes      Previous Years Agendas & Minutes