Minutes – October 9, 2017

Regular Meeting Minutes

Northern Saguache County Library District Board

October 9, 2017 at 4:45 PM

                                           Location: Saguache Public Library

Attendees: Board members Michael Pacheco, Vice-Chair; Amy Garoutte, Treasurer; and Kathy Geddes, Secretary. Other attendees: Sarah Koehn Frey, Library District Director; Lisa Cyriacks, NSCLD bookkeeper; Thom Ontko, Friends of the Baca Grande Library president; and Hillary Conroy, Friends of the Saguache Public Library president.


  • Call to Order

Pacheco called the meeting to order at 4:45 PM.


  • Approval of Agenda

Garoutte moved to approve the agenda as written. Geddes seconded. Motion carried unanimously.


  • Assignments and Commitments Review

All assignments and commitments were completed.


  • Approval of the Minutes from September 11, 2017 Regular Meeting

Geddes moved to approve the minutes of the last meeting. Garoutte seconded; motion passed unanimously.


  • Advocacy Review

Pacheco will write the article for November, Koehn Frey will write the article for December.


  • Public Input

There was no public input.


  • Committee Reports

Financial Reports

  • Balance Sheet
  • Budget vs Actuals
  • Review of Credit Card Statement
  • Approval of Check Register

Geddes moved to approve the check register; Garoutte seconded; motion carried.


Friends of the Libraries

  • Crestone/Baca Friends of the Library report

Ontko reported that the Friends had recently held a very successful meeting with several new attendees. Board elections were held at this meeting, and all officer positions were filled and there are now 2 at-large board members.

  • Saguache Friends of the Library report

Conroy reported the Friends’ book/bake sale at the Saguache Fall Festival was a success, and brought in nearly $500. She also reported that most of the $3,000 the Friends had given to the Saguache Public Library was already spent, and the Friends would be giving more in the future. Lastly, she recently learned that the Colorado Trust would be giving fewer grants in our area, and asked that the NSCLD plan to contribute half the money for the annual community appreciation pig roast if that grant isn’t available.


  • Other Business
  • Auditor Search Discussion

Pacheco and Garoutte both advocated for hiring Wall, Smith, and Bateman to do an audit exemption for the library district. There was general agreement, so Garoutte made a motion to this effect, Geddes seconded, and the motion passed unanimously. Cyriacks will contact Wall, Smith, and Bateman and will obtain language for a resolution from them. She will also contact the other audit firms to let them know of the board’s decision.

  • Initial Budget Discussion

Since there will be a bit of extra money in the Accounting and Audit Expenses line item if the NSCLD does an audit exemption, Pacheco asked that it be moved to a line item where it will directly impact and improve patron experience. Cyriacks pointed out that the Books, Subscriptions, and Videos line item had been increased for the first time since 2011. She also noted that the budget would not balance without grant income. Garoutte asked Cyriacks to bring an end-of-year projection of finances to the November meeting so the board can determine if bonuses might be a possibility this year.

  • Set Budget Public Hearing Date

The December regular meeting date (December 11) falls before the deadline for filing the budget with the state (December 15), so Garoutte moved to set the public budget hearing for Monday, December 11 at 5:30 PM in Saguache. Geddes seconded, and the motion passed unanimously. Koehn Frey will put out notices.


  • Director’s Report

Koehn Frey and Cyriacks touched on the public meeting for Tract 1 that had been held at the Elephant Cloud, and gave the date and time for the next one. Geddes asked Koehn Frey to send out the district contact list to all board members and staff before she leaves on vacation.


  • Other Discussion

Koehn Frey received an email from Megan Riley, who is resigning her board position. Koehn Frey will advertise for this position. Garoutte and Pacheco are both applying for their positions again at the end of the year.


  • Next Meeting Date & Time & Agenda items

The next regular monthly meeting will be held November 13 at 4:45 PM at the Baca Grande Library.


  • Public Input

There was no public input.


  • Adjourn

Garoutte moved to adjourn the meeting at 5:30 PM. Geddes seconded. Motion carried.


Assignments and Commitments: Cyriacks will contact Wall, Smith, and Bateman regarding an audit exemption; Cyriacks will contact the unsuccessful audit firms to let them know of the board’s decision; Cyriacks will bring an end-of-year financial projection to the November meeting so the board can discuss the possibility of bonuses; Koehn Frey will put notices in the Crestone Eagle and the Saguache Crescent for the public budget hearing; Koehn Frey will advertise for the open board positions.