Minutes – July 10, 2017

Regular Meeting Minutes

Northern Saguache County Library District Board

July 10, 2017 at 4:45 PM

                                               Location: Baca Grande Library

Board attendees: Debbie Westra, Chair; Michael Pacheco, Vice-Chair; Kathy Geddes, Secretary; and Megan Riley. Other attendees: Sarah Koehn Frey, Library Director; Lisa Cyriacks, NSCLD Bookkeeper; Thom Ontko, Friends of the Baca Grande Library President; David Lee, Friends of the Baca Grande Library Vice-President; and Hillary Conroy, Friends of the Saguache Public Library President.


  • Call to Order

Westra called the meeting to order at 4:46 PM.

  • Approval of Agenda

Pacheco moved to approve the agenda, seconded by Geddes, and the motion passed unanimously.

  • Assignments and Commitments Review

Koehn Frey indicated all assignments and commitments from the June meeting had been completed.

  • Approval of the Minutes from June 12, 2017 Regular Meeting

Geddes moved to approve the minutes; Pacheco seconded; motion carried.

  • Advocacy Review

Geddes’ article appeared in the June newspapers. Riley will write the July article.

  • Public Input

There was no public input.

  • Committee Reports

Financial Reports

  • Balance Sheet
  • Budget vs Actuals

Pacheco mentioned his students have recently built a computer, and that they could possibly build some new desktops for the library district when needed.

  • Review of Credit Card Statement

Pacheco questioned whether the NSCLD uses Amazon Smile. Koehn Frey will look into this.

  • Approval of Check Register

Pacheco moved to approve the check register; seconded by Riley; motion passed unanimously.


Friends of the Libraries

  • Crestone/Baca Friends of the Library report

Ontko said the 4th of July Root Beer Float booth was a success. The senior computer skills classes are going well, and there are 3 classes remaining. The FOLs are looking at benches to purchase for outside the BGL. Pacheco suggested contacting Adam Kinney, as he recently built a memorial bench for the Charter School. Ontko asked for some clarification on one item of the MOU, and Westra suggested the MOU be added to the August agenda. Lastly, Ontko said he is stepping down as President of the FOBGL. He will be advertising for someone to fill the position.

  • Saguache Friends of the Library report

Conroy reported that the annual pig roast went well. There were fewer people, but more donations, which totaled just under $700. The FOLs applied for and received a grant from the Colorado Trust in the amount of $1,500 to cover their expenses. The Memorial Day Root Beer Float booth went well, and brought in around $360. The next event for the FOLs is the annual Saguache Hollyhock Festival at the end of July. They will be selling root beer floats there.


  • Other Business
  • Policy Review
    • Trustee Code of Ethics Policy

Riley moved to accept as written; Pacheco seconded; motion carried.

  • Volunteer Policy

Geddes moved to accept as written; Riley seconded; motion carried.

  • Audit Review

Cyriacks and Koehn Frey detailed some of the corrections they had sent to the auditors. There were no questions on the audit.

  • Auditor Discussion

A brief discussion was held about changing auditors. Koehn Frey will ask other library directors in Colorado who they use.

  • Future Library Discussion
    • Land Update: Town of Crestone Property update

Koehn Frey updated the board on the latest meeting of the Tract 1 working group. She suggested that the August board meeting agenda should include a presentation on the preliminary (pre-public) plan so the NSCLD can voice their concerns or questions.

    • Next steps

Koehn Frey and Cyriacks will continue attending the Tract 1 Working Group meetings. The public process will begin within a couple of months.


  • Director Report

There were no questions about the Director’s Report.

  • Other Discussion

Pacheco questioned when board member applications are due, and when we should start advertising. Koehn Frey normally advertises for open positions in October.

  • Next Meeting Date & Time & Agenda items

The next meeting will take place Monday, August 14 at 4:45 at the Saguache Public Library. Agenda items to date: MOU with FOBGL; Tract 1 presentation; Auditors.

  • Public Input

Lee said he felt encouraged by the Tract 1 progress, and emphasized the need to get the word out widely. He also had some questions about the possibility of a foundation.

  • Adjourn

The meeting was adjourned at 5:55 PM.

Assignments and Commitments: Koehn Frey will investigate signing up for Amazon Smile; Koehn Frey will check with other library directors for auditor recommendations; Koehn Frey will request Burt Wadman do a presentation of the preliminary plan for Tract 1.