Minutes – December 12, 2017

Regular Meeting Minutes

Northern Saguache County Library District Board

December 12, 2016 at 5:15 PM

                                               Location: Baca Grande Library

Board attendees: Debbie Westra, Chair; Kathy Geddes, Secretary; Amy Garoutte, Treasurer; and Megan Riley. Other attendees: Sarah Koehn Frey, Library Director; Lisa Cyriacks, NSCLD Bookkeeper; Hillary Conroy, Friends of the Saguache Public Library President; Thom Ontko, Friends of the Baca Grande Library President; Richard Adams; Haley and Jake Marcus; and their associate Roland.


  • Call to Order

Westra called the meeting to order at 5:17 PM.


  • Approval of Agenda

Geddes moved to approve the agenda; Garoutte seconded; motion passed unanimously.


  • Assignments and Commitments Review

Koehn Frey noted they are all completed with the exception of going through the Personnel Policy for Exempt/Non-Exempt language. The employers council attorney advised against it, as it is commonly believed the FLSA ruling will not pass. Westra asked if the board needs to review Koehn Frey’s contract in light of this information, and asked Koehn Frey bring her recommendations to the January meeting.


  • Approval of the Minutes from November 14, 2016 Regular Meeting and November 20, 2016 Special Meeting

Geddes moved to approve the regular monthly meeting minutes; seconded by Garoutte; motion passed unanimously. Riley moved to approve the special meeting minutes; seconded by Geddes; motion passed with Garoutte abstaining, as she was absent.


  • Advocacy Review

Geddes noticed that Koehn Frey’s article did not appear in the December Eagle. Adams will check with Kizzen Laki about what we need to do to have an article in each and every edition. Koehn Frey suggested the board send a thank you card to Laki for printing library articles every month. It was suggested that Koehn Frey begin posting the articles on FaceBook as well.


  • Public Input

Ontko encouraged everyone to read the Crestone Eagle, as it is a good way to get the “pulse” of Crestone/Baca Grande. He also commended Saguache Public Library employee Penny Bruce on her story time skills with the toddlers.


  • Regular Monthly Reports

Financial Reports

  • Balance Sheet
  • Budget vs Actuals
  • Review of Credit Card Statement
  • Approval of Check Register

Garoutte moved to approve the check register. Geddes seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.


Friends of the Libraries

  • Crestone/Baca Friends of the Library report

Ontko outlined the FOLs activities of the past month, which included purchasing 5 rolling chairs for the Baca Grande Library, beginning work on a historical timeline of the BGL, and ascertaining the yearly 501(c)(3) processes for the FOL organization are being completed properly. He invited all present to the annual holiday open house at the BGL, December 16 from 1-4.

  • Saguache Friends of the Library report

Conroy updated the board on what the FOLs for the Saguache Public Library accomplished in November, including purchasing 2 armchairs with tablet tables for the library and hosting the annual community holiday bazaar. They will begin their springtime Fourth Friday events in February.


  • Other Business
  • 2016 Supplemental Budget Resolution

Garoutte moved to adopt the 2016 Supplement Budget Resolution; seconded by Riley. Westra read the resolution and called for a vote: motion passed unanimously.

  • 2017 Budget Resolution

Garoutte moved to adopt the 2017 Budget Resolution; seconded by Riley. Westra read the resolution and called for a vote: motion passed unanimously.

  • 2017 Resolution to Set Mill Levies

Garoutte moved to adopt the 2017 Resolution to Set Mill Levies; seconded by Geddes. Westra read the resolution and called for a vote: motion passed unanimously.

  • Library Director Evaluation

Koehn Frey outlined the procedure for the Board’s evaluation of her, and asked that all evaluations be returned to Westra (either electronically or in hard copy) by January 12.

  • Discussion of Meeting with BOCC

The attendees of the meeting shared their experience, which was generally positive, and left everyone with some answered questions and many more questions. A major question for attendees is how the USDA assesses agricultural land. Cyriacks will find a state contact and will follow up on this.

  • Policy Review
    • Board-Designated Reserves Policy

Garoutte shared her concerns and suggested changes with the board. Geddes moved to approve the amended policy; Riley seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.

  • Financial Policy – tabled
  • Internet Use Policy – tabled
  • Future Library Discussion
    • Land purchase update

Adams is planning to reach out to the landowner by December 14.

  • Marketing update

Riley has been working on an Every Door Direct Mail postcard for end-of-year gifts to the library land purchase fund. There is a community bake sale and cakewalk planned for December 17. All proceeds will go towards the land purchase. Koehn Frey will create handouts for the event that detail how to give to the project. Discussion then turned to details of the cakewalk.

  • Next steps

Adams expressed his strong feelings that there should be a major kick-off fundraiser for the land purchase early in 2017.


  • Director Report

Koehn Frey had nothing to add to her report.


  • Other Discussion

There was no other discussion.


  • Next Meeting Date & Time & Agenda Items

The next meeting will take place on Monday, January 9 at 4:45 at the Saguache Public Library. Agenda items to date: Library Director contract discussion; policy reviews; property tax information.


  • Public Input

There was no public input.


  • Adjourn

The meeting was adjourned at 7:07 PM.


Assignments and Commitments: Koehn Frey will consider changes to her contract in light of the FLSA law likely not taking effect, and will bring thoughts to the January meeting; Koehn Frey will send link to the BOCC meeting minutes to the board; Koehn Frey will make approved changes to Board-Designated Reserves Fund policy and will get appropriate signatures. Koehn Frey will create handouts for the bake sale/cakewalk.