Minutes – December 11, 2017

Regular Meeting Minutes

Northern Saguache County Library District Board

December 11, 2017 at 5:45 PM

                                   Location: Saguache Public Library Library


Attendees: Board members Michael Pacheco, Vice-Chair; Kathy Geddes, Secretary; and Amy Garoutte, Treasurer. Other attendees: Hillary Conroy, Friends of the Saguache Public Library President; David Lee, Friends of the Baca Grande Library Secretary; Lisa Cyriacks, NSCLD Bookkeeper; and Sarah Koehn Frey, NSCLD Director.

  • Call to Order

Pacheco called the meeting to order at 5:45 PM.


  • Approval of Agenda

Geddes moved to approve the agenda. Garoutte seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.


  • Assignments and Commitments Review

Koehn Frey indicated all assignments and commitments from the October meeting had been completed. This included placing ads for 3 new board members. The NSCLD is still short one board member from the Crestone/Baca Grande community. Pacheco stated he will try to recruit someone.


  • Approval of the Minutes from October 9, 2017 Regular Meeting

Geddes moved to approve the minutes as written; Garoutte seconded; motion passed unanimously.


  • Advocacy Review

Koehn Frey said she had placed articles in both the Crescent and the Eagle in December with a “year in review” for each library. She also suggested that, since the monthly articles were initially conceived as a way to keep the new Crestone library at the forefront of the public’s mind, and since that project is currently on hold awaiting the Town’s next move, perhaps it makes sense for the board to take a break from writing the monthly articles at this time. There was general agreement all around. Pacheco asked how else the board could work to keep the libraries in the public consciousness. He volunteered that he’s currently teaching a unit on investing wisely, and offered to bring such a program to the libraries. Garoutte offered to assist him with this. Koehn Frey suggested perhaps Edward Jones in Monte Vista could also help out. After a brief discussion, Garoutte and Pacheco decided to try to present this in February. Garoutte also suggested a walking tour of Saguache could be held in the summer, sponsored by the library.


  • Public Input

There was no public input.


  • Committee Reports

Financial Reports

  • Balance Sheet (October & November)
  • Budget vs Actuals (October & November)
  • Review of Credit Card Statement (October & November)
  • Approval of Check Register (October & November)

Garoutte moved to approve the check register for both months; Geddes seconded; the motion passed unanimously.


Friends of the Libraries

  • Crestone/Baca Friends of the Library report

Lee reported that the 2nd round of “Geezers into Geeks” computer classes is currently going on, and they are well attended. Pacheco offered to help out if he is needed. Lee also stated that, due to Thom Ontko’s passing, there will need to be FOL elections in January. He also wondered about writing a spring sales tax grant for some puppet shows for the local children, possibly in partnership with Crestone Performances, Inc. Garoutte suggested the Creede Repertory Theatre would be a good local contact to put on such a show.

  • Saguache Friends of the Library report

Conroy reported that the recent 7th annual Holiday Bazaar was a complete success, with 30 booths of crafts/wares/food and more children in attendance than ever before. She also related that the FOLs had recently received a check for $3,000 out of the blue by an organization that supports small libraries.


  • Other Business


  • 2017 Supplemental Budget Resolution

The resolution was moved by Geddes, seconded by Garoutte, and passed unanimously.

  • 2018 Budget Resolution

The resolution was moved by Pacheco, seconded by Garoutte, and passed unanimously.

  • 2018 Resolution to Set Mill Levies

The resolution was moved by Pacheco, seconded by Garoutte, and passed unanimously.

  • Employee Pay Discussion

(Board will go into Executive Session for (§24-6-402(4)(f), C.R.S.), personnel matters)

Garoutte moved to go into Executive Session at 6:42 PM. Pacheco seconded; motion carried.

The board came out of Executive Session and re-entered the public meeting at 7:05 PM. Garoutte moved for the NSCLD board to give holiday bonus gifts to all employees and regular monthly contractors in the amount of $250 per employee, $250 to regular monthly contractors, and $500 to the NSCLD director.


  • Director Report

Koehn Frey added to her report that she was happy to receive board applications from both Garoutte and Pacheco. The BOCC will approve these on December 19.


  • Other Discussion

Cyriacks related the events of the Town of Crestone Board of Trustees meeting that happened earlier in the day. They adopted the Tract 1 Master Plan, but there was some confusion about what the next steps were for the library. The NSCLD will wait to hear from the Town before deciding next steps.


  • Next Meeting Date & Time & Agenda items

The next regular monthly meeting will take place Tuesday, January 16 at 4:45 PM at the Baca Grande Library. Agenda items to date: Annual Administrative Agreement Resolution; Board Elections.


  • Public Input

There was no public input.


  • Adjourn

Pacheco adjourned at 7:15 PM.


Assignments and Commitments: Pacheco will work to recruit a Crestone/Baca Grande board member; Koehn Frey will put out ads on Facebook and the NSCLD website regarding the open board position; Koehn Frey will put out a Facebook post detailing how to use Amazon Smile to benefit the Friends of the Saguache Public Library; Pacheco will make use of his Amazon.com contact person to try to determine why the Friends of the Baca Grande Library are not showing up as an eligible charity on Amazon Smile;