Minutes – December 11, 2014

Regular Meeting Minutes

Northern Saguache County Library District Board

December 11, 2014 at 6 PM

                                               Location: Baca Grande Library

Attendees: Board members Kate Vasha, Chair; Denny Davidson, Secretary; Carla Quintana, Treasurer; Peter Anderson, Vice-chair; and Kim Smoyer. Other attendees: Library Director Sarah Koehn Frey; Friends of the Baca Grande Library President Thom Ontko; District Bookkeeper Lisa Cyriacks; and Kathy Geddes.

  • Call to Order

Vasha called the meeting to order at 5:13 PM.


  • Approval of Agenda

Davidson moved to approve the agenda, seconded by Anderson, and the motion passed unanimously.


  • Assignments and Commitments Review

Koehn Frey reported that the assignments and commitments from the November meeting had been completed.


  • Approval of the Minutes from November 19, 2014

Quintana moved to approve the November minutes, seconded by Anderson, and the motion passed with Smoyer (who was absent in November) abstaining.


  • Public Input

There was no public input.


  • Committee Reports


  • Balance Sheet
  • Budget vs Actuals
  • Approval of Check Register

There were no questions on the financial statements.


Friends of the Libraries

  • Crestone/Baca Friends of the Library report

Ontko reported that nothing new has been happening with the Friends of the Baca Grande Library.

  • Saguache Friends of the Library report

There was no Friends of the Saguache Public Library report.


  • Other Business
  • Budget Resolution

Anderson moved to adopt the Budget Resolution, as read by Vasha. Davidson seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.

  • Discussion of Capital Campaign Process

Smoyer led discussion about the Feasibility Study Final Report. She and other Board members shared concerns about the possibility of a Capital Campaign, and ultimately agreed to hold a special meeting in January to discuss this in depth.

  • Conditional Use Permit outcome

Koehn Frey updated the Board on the Conditional Use Permit process and showed a map of the final site plan, including Town easements.

  • Discussion of POA loan forgiveness

Anderson reported on his conversation with a POA board member, who advised against the NSCLD Board asking the POA Board to forgive their last loan payment at this time.

  • January Board Retreat Discussion

The Board agreed to schedule a special meeting instead of a retreat. This meeting is currently scheduled for Saturday, January 17, and the purpose of the meeting is to discuss the possibility of a Capital Campaign. It was agreed that the meeting should take place in Crestone.


Assignments and commitments: Anderson will secure a suitable location in Crestone for the special meeting. Koehn Frey will contact Shelley Walchak and invite her participation at the special meeting.


  • Director Report

Koehn Frey informed the Board that she had been asked to join the Crestone Performances, Inc Board of Directors. Anderson suggested this may be a good opportunity to get to know the Crestone community better.


  • Other Discussion

There was no other discussion.


  • Next Meeting Date & Time & Agenda items

The next regular meeting will take place Wednesday, January 14 at 9 AM at the Saguache Public Library. The special meeting will take place Saturday, January 17, time and place to be determined.


  • Public Input

There was no public input.


  • Executive Session may be called if needed

An Executive Session was called by Quintana for the reason of determining positions and developing strategies for negotiations and instructing negotiators under C.R.S. Section 24-6-402(4)(e). The Board went into Executive Session at 6:43 PM. The Executive Session was adjourned at 7:00 PM. At 7:01 PM Vasha brought the Board back into regular session.


  • Adjourn

Vasha adjourned the meeting at 7:02.